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Total Body Photography (TBP)

Total Body Photography (TBP) or Imaging (TBI) has been endorsed and recommended by several leading research organisations in the field of melanoma detection as a tool for comprehensive assessment and monitoring of moles to augment early detection of subtle changes suggestive of early melanomas.

What is TBP?

TBP involves taking several images (about 30) of your entire body to cover all your skin (excluding undergarments). These images are taken at a high resolution (usually with a SLR camera) which provides detailed information of any skin lesions on your body, especially moles. The series of images are analysed by Artificial Intelligence software inbuilt in the system to detect any lesions or moles that look suspicious. The Artificial Intelligence system also compares images taken over a period of time to detect any changes in existing lesions or emergence of any new lesions.

Total Body Photography (TBP) is used to assist with the diagnosis and monitoring of naevi (moles) in patients at higher risk for development of melanoma. The series of 30 images are usually repeated yearly (or earlier at advice of your skin cancer doctor), at the same time as your annual skin check, providing an extra early warning system in melanoma detection.

Please note, total body photography is not an alternative to skin checks. Our doctors will still need to check your moles with a dermatoscope.

Who should consider TBP?

Total Body Photography is recommended for patients at a higher risk of developing skin cancers. Several factors determine this and can include:

  • A personal or family history of skin cancer
  • Immuno-compromised
  • Multiple moles or freckles on the skin, over 50 moles
  • Fair skin, redhead, blue eyes
  • Regularly exposed to UV light or UV radiation
  • Have used sun lamps, solariums or tanning beds
  • Have engaged in sun tanning
  • Have experienced bad sunburn, burns easily in sun

When you visit us for a TBP, our experienced team of skin cancer doctors will assess your individual risk factors and inform you accordingly.

Your Personalised Melanoma Risk Profile (via RPA risk tool and MIA risk tool), provides education regarding your risk factors and may help to determine your suitability for total body photography.

MIA risk tool
Calculate your melanoma risk
RPA risk tool

What to expect in your appointment

Total Body Photography appointments are a simple and non-invasive. Our expert team will guide you and answer any questions you may have every step of the way.

During your TBP appointment, you’ll be asked to undress down to your undergarments. Our specialist melanographer nurse will then use our Total Body Photography system to capture full body images of your whole skin surface, including any suspicious lesions or moles.

Our sophisticated software and doctors will then analyze these images to identify any changes or new lesions indicative of a skin condition, such as melanoma.

Please note, total body photography is not an alternative to skin checks. Our doctors will still need to check your moles with a dermatoscope.


How long will TBP take?

Total TBP takes 15-20 minutes, and is separate to your skin check

Why do I still need to see the doctor for a full skin cancer check after TBP?

The total body photography technology takes pictures of all your moles and creates a baseline record of your skin. Your doctor will still examine every mole with a dermatoscope which is required for a comprehensive skin assessment. Your doctor has the required expertise, experience and knowledge to review the photos, interpret any changes, diagnose, and develop the best treatment plan.

Why do I have to pay more?

TBP is currently not covered by Medicare. At our clinic we endeavour to provide our patients the best chance of detecting and diagnosing suspicious lesions and melanomas as early as possible. This requires sophisticated state of art technology and highly skilled staff to deliver these services. Medicare rebatable services will still attract appropriate Rebates, and this will be discussed by the staff at your appointment.

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